Thursday, April 27, 2017

Paris, France - Scam Apartment Listing 01

As I was apartment hunting, I stumbled upon a reasonably priced listing, so I went ahead and emailed the person for details.

This was the listing posted on the Facebook group Housing in Paris:

Room offer in Paris 6th arr.You can apply for CAF/APL.Room furnished and equipped.The Rent is 600 euro.If you are interested write me a message.Thanks.

So, I sent the message to the poster who was called Yo Ang Liu (profile)

and he replied with :

Thanks for writing.You can write directly to the landlord on this email. ( . Include my name in the email for prompt response.His name is Simon

Okay, so he's making me work for it. 

I emailed Simon ( ... To be fair, he was really prompt. No less than 2 minutes after I sent my inquiry email did he reply. 
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