Hi, I'm Stephanie! Born and raised in Cebu City, Philippines.

I'm an Advertising major turned real estate consultant by day. Aspiring aimless wanderer the rest of the time.

Currently in an existential quarter-life crisis! Moving to Paris for Business School in mid-August.

In a relationship with food. Single. Drama-free. Never married. Zero children. No emotional baggage. (just in case any of you were wondering *wink*)


Interested in travel, food, sales, real estate, business, economics, forex, technology, advertising, history, culture, arts and crafts, architecture, yoga (but only Savasana), broadway musicals, random adventures and everything in between.

Yes, I like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain.

As for this blog, well, I intend to make it my Facebook wall of random posts and rants ... as well as the occasional photo dump of my previous, current and future adventures. Expect a lot of food photos.

Comme si, comme ça.


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